Market rules

When trading on BETP’s market, the market members must at all times apply and comply with the Market Rules and corresponding addendums, part of the Market Rules.

The Market Rules are determining the conditions for trading on the market of BETP, related to both the market members and to BETP AD.

The Market Rules include the following:

  • General rules for trading on the market of BETP, which determine the basic principles for the activity, the organization of the workflow and the management of the market, the market authorities, their rights and obligations.    
  • Operational rules for trading on the market of BETP, which determine the general conditions of the standardized contracts, the types and specifics of the products, the trade parameters, the tariff for the fees and the technical rules for access to the trading platform of BETP AD.

The rules and their amendments shall be adopted by a resolution of the Board of  Directors of BETP AD and shall take effect on the day of their publications or as specified in the resolution.

If a market member does not accept the changes in the Market Rules, he may immediately terminate his membership in BETP within the next five calendar days after the day of the changes were published. In case the market member does not request a membership termination within the above mentioned period, the changes will be deemed accepted by the member of the BETP market.

BETP AD officially notifies the market members for changes or amendments in the Market Rules via Market Notices, published on the website of BETP AD. In case of discrepancies the Market notices have a priority over the Market rules.