About the company

Bulgarian Energy Trading Platform AD (BETP AD) has a License № L-533-11 for carrying out the activity “organization of a natural gas market place” for a period of 35 years.

Goals and functions

BETP AD is established with the purpose to create, develop and manage a reliable and stable unitary regional organised market for natural gas, contributing to increase the transparency and liquidity of the markets for natural gas in the Southeast Europe region.

The organised market of BETP is an electronic platform that meets the demand and supply of natural gas to multiple third parties, based on predefined rules, stimulating the free trade.


The electronic trading platform enables the market members of BETP to announce, accept, amend and withdraw “buy” and “sale” orders for natural gas and enables them to meet the natural gas supply and demand. Thus, the market members of BETP are able to manage and control in a cost-efficient manner their gas portfolios and balances.

BETP AD creates conditions for its market members and their customers to trade and benefit, by combining the place, time, quantity, supply and demand of the traded quantities of natural gas and speeds up the trade and information exchange.

Regulatory framework

The activity of BETP AD complies with the requirements of the European Parliament and the European Council regarding the common rules for the internal market of natural gas, the integrity and transparency of the wholesale energy market (REMIT), the conditions for access to the natural gas transmission networks, etc.

BETP pursues a policy of transparency, non-discriminatory and socially responsible behavior, and works towards to ensure secure conditions and sustainable development of the market for natural gas in the country and the region, guided by the requirements of the European and Bulgarian legislations.


BETP AD is in close cooperation with the organised markets for natural gas in Europe and offers the best possible conditions for trading with natural gas.